I’m Jayne Brown, a Yoga and Pilates Teacher.

I’ve been practising and teaching Yoga and Pilates for over 10 years.  I am a 500 hours Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, I completed my 200 hour teacher training here in the UK, I then completed my 300 hour advanced training in the most spiritual place in the world, and the birthplace of Yoga, Rishikesh in India. I teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Meditation and Mindfulness to people who want to discover more balance and harmony in their life. I am a classically trained Pilates instructor, of which I honour and teach the classical Mat Pilates method, with a contemporary twist.

Yoga and Pilates are my absolute passion, over the last decade of personal experience, self-enquiry and hours upon hours of training I have come to value and understand the importance of looking after your health and well-being. I feel and fully appreciate how both practices have improved my inner strength and being calm has helped me to live a happy and healthy life.

This is why I became a teacher!!! I want people to experience the benefits this holistic approach can bring to your life and how movement is your best medicine. The aim of my teaching is to guide and help people to feel better both on and off the mat, to have more awareness of the mind and body connection, and to show people that anyone can do Yoga and/or Pilates, working at a level that is challenging, yet comfortable and safe for you!

My classes are designed to give you an enjoyable experience, you don’t need to be super bendy or be able to stand on your head (unless you want to of course). I want my students to feel at ease and have fun!!  I teach with warmth, humour and compassion, I want you to feel you belong in my class and to trust the process, with time and practice, you will feel the connection between the mind and body and trust me, you will feel and see a positive shift in your habits and lifestyle.

When I’m not busy teaching or practising Yoga and Pilates classes in various gyms, my head is in a book doing lots of self-studying on these practices or doing another Yoga/Pilates course. Every year I go on 2 or 3 Yoga retreats for self-development, and to discover more about Yoga. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer of which I have a number of clients and teach a variety of other Fitness classes. This all round knowledge and experience is shared in my classes to support and help you to become stronger, improve your flexibility and mobility, improve balance, reduce stress and decrease the risk of injuries. Join me in a class and become the best version of yourself!!

Jayne x

Jayne Brown


Yoga Alliance 500hr

Qualified Fitness Instructor

Police Checked

Qualified Pilates Teacher
Level 3



Qualified Personal Trainer
Level 3

Qualified Sports Therapist
Level 3

First Aid


What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

You would not be alone in asking this question. There are some similarities between Yoga and Pilates, however, they are also very different.

Something they both share in common is Yoga and Pilates target muscle groups that you won’t access in many other forms of exercise.

What is Yoga?

Unite Yoga and Pilates Yoga Class

Yoga has been around for thousands of years. It originated in India and is a practice that connects mind, body and spirit through movement.

Yoga’s foundations are more spiritual, with the original aim to move energy around the body to allow students to sit and meditate comfortably for long periods of time after practice.

Here in the west we have embraced the movement aspect of yoga as our primary interest, referred to as postures, poses or asanas.

On a physical level, the postures are designed to lengthen, strengthen, align the body and improve flexibility.

Ultimately aiming to keep the body balanced and healthy.

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future, in yoga, they come together in the present

B.K.S Lyengar 

What is Pilates?

Unite Yoga and Pilates Yoga Class

The similarities between the two come from the fact that Joseph Pilates used many elements of yoga when he created his exercise regime Contrology, now known as Pilates.

Joseph Pilates was a sickly child who strongly believed that movement was medicine. He studied various Eastern and Western forms of movement to become stronger and healthier.

He used a piece of equipment called The Reformer, Reformer classes are available, however, mat Pilates is more accessible to the majority of people.

The Pilates method focuses on the ‘powerhouse’ not just the core but all the stabilising muscles of the spine to improve postural alignment. The premise is that a balanced body allows for optimal movement, energy flow and wellbeing.

Developing minor muscles naturally helps to strengthen major muscles

 Joseph Pilates

What is Yogalates?

Yogalates is a mixture of Yoga and Pilates, first introduced in 1977, it is a type of exercise inspired to harness the physical and mental benefits of both practices. It is often thought as a fusion practice of “East meets West” It merges the ancient practice of Yoga with the Western practice of Pilates. It combines the yogic focus on enhanced mind and body awareness, strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, with Pilates techniques to improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement.


  • Classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience for both men and women.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • Yoga and Pilates are a barefoot practice (you can wear socks or purchase yoga/Pilates socks for extra floor grip)
  • To allow you to feel comfortable and assist with movement please wear loose, unrestrictive clothing.
  • Practice for yourself and not the person next to you.  You will progress much further with this mind set.
  • Stop and rest whenever you feel the need to.
  • If you have a chronic or an acute illness please seek medical advice prior to attending a class. I ask you kindly to inform me of any underlying heath issues or if you are pregnant.


Pay As You Go
Single Classes
£8per session
  • Face to Face Drop-In

  • Payment is due at the time of booking or at the beginning of your class for pay as you go clients and can be made via BACS or cash.
Group Class
1 Per Week
£28Monthly Subscription
  • 1x Face to Face Class Per Week

  • Payment for block bookings is due before the start of your first class. Monthly Subscriptions can be paid via BACS or cash.
Group Class
2 Per Week
£45Monthly Subscription
  • 2x Face to Face Class Per Week

  • Payment for block bookings is due before the start of your first class. Monthly Subscriptions can be paid via BACS or cash.
Group Class
3 Per Week
£65Monthly Subscription
  • 3x Face to Face Class Per Week

  • Payment for block bookings is due before the start of your first class. Monthly Subscriptions can be paid via BACS or cash.

Please note:
Payment for single classes is due before the start of your first class if paying via PayPal or BACS.
Cash payment is due at the beginning of the class.

Payment for block bookings is due before the start of your first class.
Monthly subscriptions can be paid via PayPal, BACS or Cash.

For class enquires please complete the form below or drop an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, alternatively please call 07934519337.

Terms and Conditions

Pay as you go clients are subject to availability and spaces are not reserved. It’s always best practice to book in advance to ensure you have a space. If for any reason you unable to attend a pre-booked class please inform me at least 48 hours prior to the class. A block booking is paid for in advance as a monthly subscription. If for any reason you are unable to attend a pre-booked class please allow at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel. I will aim to accommodate


Private Sessions

1-2-1 sessions are available in the comfort of your own home.

All clients will have their own agreement in place with regard to payment, time and frequency. 1:1 sessions are tailored to your specific needs, with a bespoke programme written for you.

Please contact me to discuss your goals. Sessions start from £45 per hour for 1:1. 2:1 £60 per hour.

Corporate Classes

Whether it be for a breakfast/lunch/teatime meeting or a team building event this is a great way to get your staff feeling more, motivated, productive and energised.

Venues are arranged and paid for by the business. Prices of corporate sessions will vary dependant on length of sessions, size of venue and number of participants. Discounts will apply if regular bookings are made.

To enquire please use the contact me form or call me on 0793459337.



Suitable for all levels
Tuesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm
Streetly Community Centre, Foley Road East, Sutton Coldfield. B74 3HR


Suitable for all levels
Thursdays 6pm-7pm
Great Barr Memorial Hall, Chapel Lane, Birmingham, B43 7BD

Mat Pilates

Suitable for all levels
Fridays 9.15am – 10.15am
Great Barr Memorial Hall, Chapel Lane, Birmingham, B43 7BD

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